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How to Get Marriage Certificate

Getting a marriage certificate in most parts of the globe is considered as an essential legal procedure. It can be one of the most important documents for any marriage. In present time, most courts of law have also made it mandatory to apply for marriage certificate immediately after marriage. This is done with an aim to offer protection to the women and getting their marriage registered with the court of law.

Procedure to follow to apply for marriage certificate

In order to legalize the marriage of a couple, they have to follow certain procedures under the court of law.

  • In case the marriage is conducted within the Hindu community, to get it registered one may have to apply at the Sub Divisional magistrate office. This is done within the jurisdiction or place of residential of both couples – Husband and wife. The procedure for registration can be done on any office working days.
  • The couples are expected to fill in a simple application form declaring their marriage agreement. The form has to be filled in and signed by both couples.
  • The legalized authorities will be responsible for carrying out the verification of each of the document submitted as proof of marriage. The verification will be done by the officials after the date of application. The couples will also have to fix up a date for communication and appointment with the officials at the registrar office. This procedure is important for marriage registration.
  • The parties or couples will have to meet at the registrar’s office on the fixed date in presence of a Gazetted officer who has been a part of the marriage ceremony. They have to offer their presence in front of the ADM. The certification for marriage is also issued by the authorities on the date of appointment.

Documentations required

  • To get the marriage certified, couples will have to submit a copy of duly filled application form at the office. They also have to submit and attach a recent photograph along with the form.
  • They have to make the submission of a proof of their address including Driving license, ration card, voter ID card or passport copy. Both couples will also have to submit a copy of birth proof documents including birth certificate.
  • The couples are also expected to submit a copy of the marriage photographs as proof of marriage. They will have to flourish a copy of the affidavits as per the desired formats said.
  • The couples have to attach a copy of the Aadhar card along with the form including all self attested documents and invitation card for the marriage ceremony.

Online Registration facilities

In present time, the authorities have also offered with convenience where couples can apply for the online registration for marriage certificate via the official marriage registrar office. To get access to this facility couples will have to the official registrars web portal and request for online registration procedure. Once the registration has been done online you can also request for acknowledgement receipt.

Appointment time frame

If you are registered under Hindu marriage act then it is obvious that you may have to wait for registration for the certificate and appointment at the registrar office for at least 15 days in advance. If you are opting for special case then the time frame may vary till over 2 months.


To certify the marriage it is important for both couples to present with their side of witnesses. This has to be the person who is related to both couples and have also been a part of the marriage ceremony on their behalf. The witness is expected to provide with his copy of Identification including Aadhar card or other ID details along with proof of residence.

Marriage certificate Tatkal Facility

Presently the Indian revenue department has also provided with Tatkal Registration for certification facility. The provision was provided by the government in 2014.

Under this facility the registration and certification can be opted within one day time period from the registrar office. The facility is provided to the couples on priority basis at the time of registration of forms. To get this facility the couples will have to pay extra amount of fee to the authorities at the time of registration.

Marriage certificate is an important document and is generally needed to be flourished at the time of opening a bank account, applying for passport, or even for obtaining any travel visa.